How to Replace Idler and Tensioner Pulley in Chevy Silverado

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Things like power steering, air conditioning, and the alternator all need it. In order for it to work, it needs to be properly tightened without any nasty stuff like bad bearings in the idler pulley or a shot spring in the tensioner.

On the fan shroud in your engine compartment you should see a diagram of how the belts are supposed to run around all the accessories. Give it a glance before you start so you know which one is right for your engine. You'll need to make sure you get the belt back in the right place.

The job of changing the idler pulley will take an hour of your time and only cost a hundred dollars. It’s an easy task and doesn’t require any prior repair knowledge.

The supplies you’ll need are a new idler pulley, 10 and 15 millimeter sockets, ratchet, and a flat head screwdriver.

Step 1 – Remove the Belt

First, loosen these two hose clamps with a flat head screwdriver.
Pry the clip out.
Pry the hose off the air box first. Pull the hose assembly forward, and then lift it up and out.
Remove the two 10 millimeter bolts.
Pry the clip on the hose off of the fan shroud.
Remove the four clips around the fan shroud by prying up by the center with the flat head screwdriver. Then pull them out by hand.
Pull the fan shroud up and out.
Using a 15 millimeter socket and ratchet, put it on the tensioner and push down on the tensioner. Pull the belt up and over the idler pulley.
Carefully release the tension on the tensioner, and then loosen the 15 millimeter bolt.
Once it’s loosened enough, it’ll pull free with the pulley.
To separate the bolt from the pulley all you have to do is pry off the ring, and then pull the bolt out.

Step 2 – Install the New Idler Pulley

Put the old bolt into the new idler pulley and then slide the nut with the ring down.
Bend the tabs back down if they got popped up when you pried the old pulley off.
Push the new pulley back into place with the bolt. Hand tighten it, and then use the ratchet to tighten it the rest of the way.
Push back down on the tensioner and push the belt back underneath the idler pulley.
Carefully release the tension on the tensioner and pull the ratchet free.
To replace the fan shroud, just push it back into place.
Then replace the four clips by pushing them back down into place.
Push the hose back into place and replace the two 10 millimeter bolts.
Take the intake hose and push it back into place on the intake box, then onto the engine.

Tighten up the two hose clamps.
Re-clip the hose to the intake assembly.
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