2017 Mercedes C-Class Visual Differences Part 4: NIGHT Package

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C-Class Sedan comes in 4 different body styles: Base, Luxury, Sport and Night. All 4 look distinctly different. This is the 4th part of the video series, which demonstrates the NIGHT package model body differences, and also shows all the available exterior colors. If you'd like to receive the notifications about our new video releases, please click SUBSCRIBE button. Mercedes-Benz C-Class shopping guide.

Here is the 1st Part: BASE model https://youtu.be/dzFfV3Uf0ts
Here is the 2nd Part: LUXURY model https://youtu.be/U80HXjltk7M
Here is the 3rd Part: SPORT model https://youtu.be/i-Pi5Faq9qw

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